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The Great Escape

I just finished watching “Under the Tuscan Sun”, for the “I can’t ever begin to count how many times”.

Every time I watch it brings me back to the place where it all began 11 years ago and the reason why I embarked on this remarkable journey. Much like the Diane Lane character Francis, I too was looking to escape the card life had dealt me at the time and go to another land to find something or someone, perhaps myself. What I found when I arrived was beauty, happiness, love and eventually the key to who I was that just needed to be polished and turned in the lock.

This could be comparable to the faucet in Bramasole, the house that Francis purchases in Cortona. It goes from no water, to a trickle of muddy water, and by the end of the movie it is gushing with clean sparkling water. Her journey brought clarity and abundance to her life. I speak to so many women that dream of spending a week in Tuscany. They too have watched “Under The Tuscan Sun” countless times and want that same fulfilling experience, that dream. My answer to them is “what is stopping you?”. “Maybe someday, next year, it is on bucket list, perhaps when I was younger”, are some of are the answers to this question.

We tend to live in the past or the future, which is the difference between us and other cultures. They live in the present, in the moment and embrace that moment and each one after. This is exactly what makes visitors fall in love with other countries and its people, because they truly love life.

My advice to those of you who have ever wanted to take a dream of a trip, a trip of a lifetime, is take the leap and GO! It is better to MISS what you know then not know what you are MISSING….

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